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Effective for Excretion of waste Fluid from Digestive System.
According to physicians the disorder of the stomach is the mother of diseases. The human health depends on the proper functioning of the stomach. If it functions well, food will be properly digested and assimilated into the body, the production of blood will be increased, there will be no physical weakness and one will enjoy good health. When food is not properly digested due to disorder of the stomach, it causes many diseases such as flatulence, stomach-ache, hiccups, nausea, vomiting, retching, indigestion, burning sensation in hands, feet and chest, hyper acidity, swelling in stomach, loss of appetite, anemia, paleness of face etc.  
Anti Gas tablet is a complete and balanced medicine for the treatment of flatulence. It is palatable compound syrup made of medicinal herbs. People and physicians can repose complete trust in it. While working out the formula of Anti Gas Syrup, only those medicinal herbs were chosen which could yield the desired effects instantly, give strength to the digestive system, improve the systems of stomach, liver and intestines and enable the system of stomach, liver and intestines and enable them to perform their functions properly.
Anti Gas is an effective herbal compound for flatulence and gastric trouble. Indigestion due to hard inedible or greasy food, dyspepsia heartburn, Nausea, loss of appetite constipation, acidity, Vomiting and liver disorder with antibiotics, All such symptoms are quickly and effectively Relived by Anti Gas tablet.
Each gm is extracted from:
Ingredient Name Quantity   Ingredient Name Quantity
Ipomoea turpethum Br
Coriandrum sativum Linn
Terminalia chebula Retz (Yellow)
Terminalia berelica Roxb
Terminalia chebula Retz (Black)
Viola Odorata Linn
Convolvulus scammonia
258 mg
258 mg
258 mg

129 mg
129 mg

129 mg
129 mg
  Emblica officinalis
Rosa damascena Mill
Santalum album Linn
Sterculia urens Roxb
Recinis communis Linn
Saccharum Base
64 mg
64 mg
32 mg
32 mg
.515 mg

Children: 5g (1/2 teaspoonful) with water thrice a day. Adults: 10g (1 teaspoonful) with water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.
Itrifial Zamani is available in 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams and 500 grams jar packing.
100.00 PKR, 200.00 PKR, 500.00 PKR and 1000.00 PKR
Store below 30ºC.
Store in cool & dry place.
Protect from sunlight & moisture

Keep all medicines away from children
No any side effect is reported of this product.



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