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Vigor Vitality Stamina Energy, Hidden Problem, Infertility, Impotence Sexual Asthenia
Majoon Faulad Ambri is an Excellent Curative for Spermatorrohea, Early Ejaculation and Attention of seminal fluid. A good aphrodisiacs which thick the seminal fluids. Use full in Oligospermia, Necrospermia & Azoospermia. Majoon Sada Jawani Sada Bahar increase Quality & Quanitity of Sperm. Best herbal energy food supplement and an effective energy increase vitamin that boost energy without caffeine. It contains potent safe herbs minerals and vitamins for energy that increase endurance, enhance physical & mental stamina and naturally boost energy level to the maximum. It provides a quick energy boost to start your day without artificial stimulants.  Click here for more details...  
Majoon Faulad Ambri is an aphrodisiac. It cures spermatorrohea, early ejaculation & Thickened the seminal fluid. Use full in Oligospermia, Necrospermia & Azoospermia. It also increase the quality & Quantity of sperm. Majoon Faulad Ambri - is a multi-mineral, multi-vitamin herbal supplement that both rejuvenates and stimulates the body's immune system. Traditionally this combination is used as an anti-aging, anti-stress medicine, but it is an incredibly effective daily preventive for colds, stress, and exhaustion. It stimulates the lymphatic system to drain, while providing powerful antioxidant properties that work very well in preventing a cold. Majoon Faulad Ambri - has anti-oxidant properties & strengthens your body's internal defense mechanism, the immune system. Thereby protecting you from everyday infections, cough, cold & stress etc. As we reach mid thirties, our bodies are unable to cope with the ever increasing demand of our day to day lives. The stress and tension make us withdraw ourselves from things that give us joy – our friends, celebration and more. Majoon Faulad Ambri, being a complete herbal preparation with multiple health benefits, help you combat all pressures at the work place and at home , so that you can live to the fullest. Regain and maintain your most intense Prime, Primal Sexual urges.
Increase your testosterone levels. Increase your semen and ejaculatory power. Promote fertility. Improve your blood circulation. Gain in length, size and weight of your penis and testicles. Improve your sexual nervous system support the nutritional needs in during & after pregnancy Treat male impotence. Prolong erections even with interruptions and after ejaculations. Boost your sexual energy levels. Helps to reduce painful joint inflammation and improve mobility Increase endurance. Balance your hormones and enhance women’s breasts. Stimulate your brain and body chemistry. Promote mental clarity. BEST supplement for human growth, and height. Relieve stress, RELAXES THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. Relax due to long time window. Spark your existing sexual relationship. Create deep sexual satisfaction for your partner. Easy to obtain and no prescription needed. Fast acting.
Sexual weakness, impotency loss of libido, early ejaculation, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, General Weakness, Rheumatic Pains, Oligospermia
The high quality standardized natural ingredients:
Ingredient Name Quantity   Ingredient Name Quantity
Salab Misri
Zarwand Madrharj
Moweez Munnakka
Maghaz Narial
Shacacol Misri
Dar Fil Fil
Maghz Pista
MAghz Badam
Dar Chini
Bekh Babuna
Maghz Chalghozah
10 mg
10 mg
04 mg
20 mg
20 mg
10 mg
02 mg
20 mg
20 mg
02 mg
10 mg
20 mg
Amla Mukashar
Halela Syah
Maghaz Akhroat
Elaichi Sabz
Kharatin China
Suranjan Sherien
Wrk Chandi
20 mg
10 mg
10 mg
20 mg
.8  mg
06 mg
10 mg
10 mg
10 mg
One tablespoon (10gm) twice a day after meal with milk or as directed by the physician.
Majoon Faulad Ambri is available in 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams bottle packing.
250 grams 750 PKR
500 grams 1500 PKR
1000 grams 3000 PKR
Store below 30ºC.
Store in cool & dry place.
Protect from sunlight & moisture

Keep all medicines away from children
No any side effect is reported of this product.

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